Database (e)State

An artist and activist led PhD research project that explores the role of relational databases in urban regeneration.

Evil media distribution centre

Short texts about a gray media object ranging from tampons to software compilers.


A soundscape generated by plant sensors and wirelessley transmitted to Wifungi speakers.

Wireless Woodpecker

An electronic woodpecker that taps the presence of wireless signals


The transmission and reception of sound over a modulated beam of light

Shopping centre roomba

A hacked Roomba vacuum cleaner roams a shopping centre

Uncertain substance: The Viterbi Algorithm

A speech recognition algorithm searches radio waves for conversations about money.


Biosensing and Networked Performance Workshop at ISEA 2011

Blushing Mona Lisa

The longer one looks directly at her, the deeper she blushes.

Sign X Here

Biosensing and Networked Performance Workshop at ISEA 2011

Cybernetic bacteria

The chemical communication of bacteria and the live data streams of our digital networks combine to generate a new artificial life form.

Sam the wheels

A project that preserves and explores film footage shot by a black filmmaker of Brixton in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Aristotles Office

Talking Answer machine, Bin, Fan, Filing cabinets, Lamp, Plant, Telephone, Watercooler